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Liquor Wine Time is a liquor-selling e-commerce store based in San Diego. This ambitious project was a dream for its owners and they were looking for an ideal partner to make their vision a reality. With their confidence in team Swazei, the clients decided to collaborate with a long-term goal to ensure success in achieving desired results. Liquor Wine Time offers its customers a one-stop-shop for all their alcohol needs and more. Apart from a strong relationship with the distributors & market knowledge, Swazei chipped in as the final pillar for their journey to a successful launch of the e-commerce store with its technological & digital marketing expertise.

Our Approach

The ultimate goal of the company was to offer a user-friendly website to the customers along with a high return on investment. A robust e-commerce platform, a wide range of products, and our digital marketing prowess allowed them to position themselves as a strong player in the market and helped them achieve a competitive edge over the other competitors. 

Liquor Wine Time operates in a dynamic industry. It’s imperative to select the right strategy and implement it impeccably. The business environment of this industry requires quick and seamless coordination of resources. Swazei ensured that Liquor Wine Time did not lack any of these by selecting favorable strategic partners, studying the market trends, understanding consumer behavior, optimizing the website according to best SEO practices, and creating crisp content to have an impactful social media presence.      


Return On Investment

Digital Marketing strategies and analytical expertise combined to generate ROI of approx. 220% for Liquor Wine Time.


Total Sales

Total sales of US $ 1,19,789.10 (till April 2021) generated for the e-commerce store since the launch. 


Instagram Followers

Social media marketing strategies implemented to generate close to 19.5k followers on Instagram, and counting.